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Did you know? We organize online Reinforce workshops throughout the whole year. If you want to learn about AI and Machine Learning from the best professionals check out the online workshops we offer. For more information click HERE.

Reinforce is now an online conference, happening 3-4-5 March 2021.

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Reinforce AI Conference 2021's programme


Reinforce AI
by Ericsson

At Ericsson, we are convinced that machine intelligence, which encompasses the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, offers the best opportunity to achieve the high levels of automation necessary to manage the complexity and optimize system performance. We power Reinforce because we want to support the spread of this knowledge, and make it accessible to anyone.

Our conference brings together world leading experts on AI, and creates a platform for discourse, innovation and networking. It's an opportunity to learn and discuss topics such as putting AI into production, understandable AI, ethics of AI, and the future of AI. See you online in 2021!




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In recent years our ability to apply AI and Deep Learning to real-world problems and products has increased exponentially. Andrew Ng has famously said that AI is the “New Electricity”. It’s hard to think of a field that will not be profoundly changed by AI.

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