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Elle O'Brien

Elle O'Brien

Elle is a data scientist at Iterative, a startup building open source software tools for machine learning, and a lecturer at the University of Michigan School of Information. She completed her PhD at the University of Washington where she conducted research on speech and hearing using mathematical models. Elle is broadly interested in developing methods, standards, and educational resources for anyone who works with data. 

Automating machine learning with continuous integration

Level: General

Machine learning is maturing as a discipline: now that it’s trivially easy to create and train models, it’s never been more challenging to manage the complexity of experiments, changing datasets, and the demands of a full-stack project. In this talk, we’ll examine why one of the staples of DevOps, continuous integration, has been so challenging to implement in ML projects so far and how it can be done using open-source tools like Git, GitHub Actions, and DVC (Data Version Control). We'll also discuss a new open source project (Continuous Machine Learning) we've created to adapt popular continuous integration systems like GitHub Actions and GitLab CI to data science projects.