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Due to concerns around COVID-19 (coronavirus), in accordance with the national and international health guidelines, we are rescheduling REINFORCE 2.0 to the second half of 2020.

All our registered attendees have been contacted via e-mail, but if you have further questions please write here:

We wanted to preserve the good atmosphere of this fantastic event, therefore this safe scenario seems to be the best decision.



/ April 6-7 with conference ticket /
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/ April 8 with separate ticket /

On the 8th of April we will hold whole day workshops under AI topics. Each workshop is an independent event in a separate venue. (Workshop venue we communicate before the event.) Workshop day includes 2 coffee breaks and lunch.

Coming soon!

Reinforce AI
by Ericsson

At Ericsson, we are convinced that machine intelligence, which encompasses the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, offers the best opportunity to achieve the high levels of automation necessary to manage the complexity and optimize system performance. We power Reinforce because we want to support the spread of this knowledge, and make it accessible to anyone.

A conference that brings experts, skills and eagerness to progression together, while discussing the key to all future technologie, as knowledge on artificial intelligence, automation and cognitive systems is becoming more and more valuable, and at the same time unavoidable for all fields and areas. Our conference brings together some of the world leading experts of the topic, while creating a platform for discourse, innovation and network.





If you would like to be our sponsor, please contact Medea Baccifava.
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In recent years our ability to apply AI and Deep Learning to real-world problems and products has increased exponentially. Andrew Ng has famously said that AI is the “New Electricity”. It’s hard to think of a field that will not be profoundly changed by AI.