Reinforce Conference, 2022 Budapest

What is Reinforce?

A conference that brings experts, skills and eagerness to progress together, while discussing the key to all future technologies, as knowledge on artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and cognitive systems are becoming more and more valuable, and at the same time inevitable for all fields and areas. Reinforce conference brings together some of the world leading experts of the topic, while creating a platform for discourse, innovation and network.

Who is it for?

Reinforce gives Product Managers, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Engineers, and Software Engineers insight into success stories, lessons learned, best practises and new approaches.


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We are sorry to inform you that Reinforce AI Conference, originally planned in a hybrid format, will be held entirely online.

Crafthub always tries to keep the needs of the participants in mind when organising our events and we strive to deliver the best possible experience at our conferences.

Safety is more important than ever in these years. Taking this into consideration we recently had to make a difficult decision: Reinforce AI Conference, originally planned in a hybrid format, will be held entirely online. The waves of Covid have made it increasingly doubtful that we can organise the in-person part of the event in accordance with the safety standards of our partners and the ones we had set for ourselves.

We are aware of the inconvenience it might cause to some of you and we apologise for this. However, we hope that you understand the reasons behind our decision.

Those who have already purchased their in-person tickets will be notified via email regarding details and next steps. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Stay tuned for further information and thank you for your understanding!



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