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Casey S. Greene

Casey S. Greene

Casey is a Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. His research lab develops deep learning methods that integrate distinct large-scale datasets to extract the rich and intrinsic information embedded in such integrated data. This approach reveals underlying principles of an organism’s genetics, its environment, and its response to that environment. He is also the Director of the Childhood Cancer Data Lab (CCDL), powered by Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. The goal of the CCDL is to empower childhood cancer researchers poised for the next big discovery with the tools, data, and knowledge to reach it.

Opportunities and Challenges for AI in Biology and Medicine

Level: General

Dr. Greene will discuss recent developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence and how these advances are impacting biomedical research. Examples will cover both basic and clinical research with an eye towards how these approaches will begin to impact clinical care. He will also discuss challenges that are not well addressed by current methods, and how those methods might be adapted to tackle them in the years ahead.