Gergely Debreczeni


Gergely Debreczeni graduated as physicist, and holds a PhD degree in particle physics. He has spent 15+ years in participating and leading fundamental particle and gravitational physics research. As the Computing Coordinator of the LIGO – Virgo experiment he took part in the discovery of the Gravitational Waves. Specialized in measurement data processing, high-performance computing and AI technologies. He joined the  Kishonti company at 2013 and was one of the first member of AImoitve established in 2015. In its early days he conducted the Computer Vision Research Group and now acts as the Chief Scientist of the company.

AI in automated driving

Level: General

In the past years it became evident automated vehicles and automated solutions have arrived and they are here stay. Starting from basic driver assistance functions, through driving aids and autopilot solutions, the focus gradually turns towards the highest level of autonomy. Both hardware and software technologies now allow us to actively use and make use of artificial intelligence based algorithms in perception, decision making and even vehicle control, allowing us to enhance (or in many cases completely replace) traditional algorithms. This presentation will highlight some interesting uses of AI algorithms in the development of self-driving solutions at AImotive.