About Us

Reinforce AI conference
powered by Ericsson

Ericsson, a company with a mission to make our society reach its full potential regarding technological advancement and connection found the perfect way of fulfilling both at the same time – a conference that brings experts, skills and eagerness to progression together, while discussing the key to all future technologies.

Throughout the 140-year-long existence of Ericsson, it has always strived for fulfilling human needs the most innovative way possible constantly creating and adjusting to latest trends and discoveries. The company’s philosophy hasn’t changed since then, which is exactly the reason why it considers it of utmost importance that such platforms are organized and spread among fellow professionals.

Organized by JSSC

JSSC is a company with a mission to organise tech conferences and bring knowledge to Hungary. Its founders are organising events like Craft, Crunch, Amuse or Stretch or JS Budapest. JSSC is co-organising Reinforce with Ericsson because it believes that AI is the next hot topics and we need to bring this knowledge to the region.