Loren Jan Wilson

Loren Jan Wilson

Head of Data Agility, Global AI Accelerator at Ericsson

As a technology generalist, I have designed, implemented, and operated highly-available production software and hardware systems for over 20 years. As a leader, I have built and managed teams that have created the fastest supercomputers on Earth and ensured site reliability during rapid customer growth in advance of a successful IPO. In the U.S. government, higher education, startups, and large companies, I have consistently seen that organizations only reach peak performance when they build strong cultural values and focus on their people. As a part of Ericsson's Global AI Accelerator, I lead a team called Photon whose mission is to help Ericsson become a better place for data workers.


Transforming for AI: How to empower your data community

Building AI-powered products requires more than just hiring more data scientists. To support AI work, your organization's relationship to data may need to change. In this talk, I'll tell you about some of the challenges that may prevent you from building value with data. Along the way, I'll introduce some tools and techniques that your peers are using to adapt to the new data-driven reality.