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October 5, 16:55 - 17:40 CET
Wild West's End: how with Responsible AI compliance becomes competitive advantage - a fireside chat with George Tilesch
AI Conference
Level: General

Up until recently, the rapid advancements in AI and thirst for progress and monetization mirrored the lawlessness of the Wild West. Yet, as we stand on the cusp of a new era and regulatory wave, there is an increasing pressure on taming this frontier with responsibility and accountability. Many global pack leaders realized the Responsible AI imperative years ago and gained exponential strategic advantages and a true competitive edge. This fireside chat will delve deep into the heart of how AI implementers are transforming their practices, ensuring compliance while maximizing business results.  We will explore the emerging frameworks, challenges in operationalizing AI ethics, and the tangible benefits organizations reap when they ensure their AI systems are built responsibly.

Key questions and topics to be addressed include:

  • What are the core components of Responsible AI and why do they matter?

  • The evolving landscape of AI regulation and its implications for businesses.

  • How can compliance with responsible AI principles drive business value and foster customer trust?

  • Real-world examples of companies capitalizing on responsible AI practices.

  • Overcoming the challenges and resistance in integrating ethical considerations into AI systems.

Prepare for an engaging 45-minute session that will reshape the way you view AI's future and its convergence with responsibility.

Reinforce 2023 - Dr. George Tilesch
Dr. George Tilesch
President at PHI INSTITUTE for Augmented Intelligence

DR. GEORGE A. TILESCH is President of the PHI Institute for Augmented Intelligence, specializing in global AI strategy, ethics, policy, talent, and governance. He is a senior global innovation and AI expert, executive, and consultant, primarily in the transatlantic space. For over 20 years, George has been active as a cross-sector and cross-industry conduit between AI ecosystems worldwide and as a...

Reinforce 2023 - Levente Szabados
Levente Szabados
Senior consultant, Lecturer at AI Partners, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Neuron Solutions

Levente is a long time enthusiast of anything cognitive. Originally a programmer, but finished his masters as a Buddhist Theologian, with cognitive science specialization. He started to do AI related work in the early 2000s in knowledge representation, then switched over to become the lead of research for a quantitative finance research group. He later founded an award winning startup (Best Chatbo...