Reinforce 2023 - Levente Szabados
Levente Szabados
Senior consultant, Lecturer at AI Partners, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Neuron Solutions
About Levente Szabados

Levente is a long time enthusiast of anything cognitive. Originally a programmer, but finished his masters as a Buddhist Theologian, with cognitive science specialization. He started to do AI related work in the early 2000s in knowledge representation, then switched over to become the lead of research for a quantitative finance research group. He later founded an award winning startup (Best Chatbot / AI solution Central European Startup Award, 2016) where he acted as CTO and lead researcher in NLP.

Currently he is teaching at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (Deep Learning, NLP and Frontiers of AI classes at the Masters of Data Science, as well as certificate courses), and works as a freelance consultant for a broad range of machine learning projects from pharma to manufacturing.

He is enthusiastic about DL, especially time series and NLP topics, and shares this also in meetups and a podcast.