Reinforce 2023 - Milán Janosov, PhD
Milán Janosov, PhD
Research Affiliate, Chief Data Scientist at CEU, Baoba Insurance
About Milán Janosov, PhD

With a background in physics and biophysics, I earned my PhD in network and data science in 2020. I studied and researched at the Eötvös Loránd University and the Central European University in Budapest, at the Barabási Lab in Boston, and the Bell Labs in Cambridge. Forbes 30u30 in 2020. NFT sales contributions on SuperRare and Foundation. Alumni at Eötvös Collegium. Regular columnist at Qubit. Author of the book titled 'DATA' by OpenBooks.

Current chief data scientist Baoba, and former of Datapolis, a research affiliate at the Central European University, a research expert at the European Commission, and a senior data scientist at Maven7.

I was awarded the Scholarship of the Republic of Hungary three times, won multiple prizes at science competitions, presented my work in peer-reviewed journals and conferences from Nature's Scientific Reports to MIT. 

My work has been featured in Nature Social Science Research, GQ, Times Higher Education, New Scientist, New York Times, TechXplore, The Economic Times, Futurism,, Nightingale, Gamestar, the Miami Art Week, and more.

Network science from fantasy to sustainability
AI Conference
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social networks
geospatial data
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