Reinforce 2023 - Alice Walther-Wosnitzka
Alice Walther-Wosnitzka
Employee Portal Manager at ZEISS
About Alice Walther-Wosnitzka

Alice Walther-Wosnitzka, originally a political scientist, has been working at ZEISS for 16 years - a great company, as she says, not only with great products, but also with a broad opportunity to develop oneself. And that's very important to her when you're at home in a company for a long time. Today, she is responsible as a product owner for the global employee portal and enterprise search, where she lets her passion run free to connect all Zeissians with each other, make them happy and productive by finding everything they are looking for her big vision.

Towards next gen Enterprise search - powering the TEAM ZEISS employee portal by genAI
AI Conference
Level: General
In schedule:
Innovation Stage
October 5, 14:55 - 15:40 CET

TEAM ZEISS Employee Portal is a vital tool for improving enterprise search capabilities, knowledge sharing, and employee productivity. In this presentation we elaborate on the vision of employee portal as central entry point into the daily work that increases productivity of all employees worldwide and connects as well as enables them. Our com...