Farjola Peco

Farjola Peco

Farjola Peco has 15+ years of experience in software development, research in service layer technologies, Media, IoT, analytics and strategy development in the ICT Industry. She read for a Master’s degree in Computer Science at Uppsala University after obtaining a B.Sc with Honours in Information Technology and Communications Systems Engineering from the University of Malta. Farjola has co-authored 30+ patents. In her current role as a Head of Strategy for Business Area Digital Services, she is accountable for driving Ericsson’s Digital Services products and services strategy. Farjola joined Ericsson as a researcher after having spent two and a half years in the start-up community as a software developer. She has since then held several positions within Research & Development before joining the Chief Technology Office as a Technology Strategist for media- focused products, technology, and services across all of Ericsson business areas. Before joining the Business Area, she was accountable for driving Ericsson’s 3-5 years technology strategy for AI and Automation.

If AI and Automation is the answer, what was the question?

Level: General