Camille Eddy


Camille Eddy began working on advanced robotics during an internship at HP Inc’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California as a Machine Learning Intern. She continued to intern at X, formerly Google X, in their robotics initiative and also began working with NVIDIA on their autonomous car project. She is currently studying for a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Camille speaks nationally on inclusion in the tech community and regularly writes on the topic. She also enjoys volunteering for STEM advocacy organizations for young girls and students.

Recognizing cultural bias in AI

Level: General

In a world that is being increasingly run on artificial intelligence do we understand how algorithms make the their decisions? Where humans have trouble making the right choices for culture including race, language, accessibility and equality, the algorithms we use should also face the same questions. The purpose of this talk is to walk through everyday examples of services we all use and how they have adapted machine learning to become more inclusive. We will explore what we can do to create culturally sensitive computer intelligence and why that is important for the future of AI.