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Innovation Stage
October 5, 16:00 - 16:45 CET
Leadership vs. Expertise: The Line Manager's Dilemma
AI Conference
Level: General

Should your line manager be an expert in your field?

Join us for a live recording of AVK podcast aka Leadership anonymous! - a podcast dedicated to spreading modern leadership knowledge and best practices amongst Hungarians! All three of the show hosts are experienced leaders from the tech industry, having worked for startups, medium to large organizations and multinational enterprises as well. At the Compass Tech Summit, you’ll be able to listen to their conversation, a podcast recording, live! Come join them as they dissect, discuss, and conclude whether or not a line manager should be an expert in their team’s field! 

Reinforce 2023 - Gábor Nádai aka Mefi
Gábor Nádai aka Mefi
Engineering Director at Bitrise

Engineering Director at Bitrise. Before that, he was VP of Engineering at ingatlancom. He’s been a successful blogger since 2005 touching both professional and unofficial matters. He is the founder of the Leadership Meetup Budapest group and member of the Stretch Conference expert team. In 2018, he was awarded Young Leader of the Year in the Hungarian SME sector....

Reinforce 2023 - Karolina Tóth aka Fancy
Karolina Tóth aka Fancy
Freelance IT Culture & Communications Consultant, Coach

Freelance IT Culture & Communications Consultant, Coach - she’s been in the Hungarian IT sector for 8 years and has been working for 17 (hard for her to admit). She’s a subject matter expert in the Stertch conference organizer’s team and she hosts the successful Level-up Engineering podcast, interviewing internationally known IT leaders biweekly....

Reinforce 2023 - David Schneidhoffer  aka kisPocok
David Schneidhoffer aka kisPocok
Engineering Manager at Hopin

Husband, dad, and a spaniel owner all at once., Ustream/IBM, Bitrise alumnus. Right now he works as an engineering manager leading the DevEx Platform team of Hopin’s StreamYard. Professional beginner-surfer....