Reinforce 2023 - Katherine Cass
Katherine Cass
Sr. Manager, AI/ML Platform Quality at Salesforce
About Katherine Cass

Katherine Cass is a senior engineering manager of an AI/ML Platform Quality at Salesforce. Her current role is leading the scrum teams for Quality Engineering, Tooling and Test Framework Development, AI/ML Support, and Quality Observability/Monitoring for the AI/ML platform at Salesforce.

Katherine has been working in quality engineering since 2018, starting with the Core Salesforce application and then moving to the Einstein Platform. She has led teams of up to 13, ensuring that they make customers and engineers happier and more productive with tooling, test frameworks, and comprehensive testing.

Beyond Model Quality: Approaching fullstack Quality Assurance of AI/ML Platforms (within large organizations)
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Level: General

In this topically relevant talk, we’ll take you on a deep dive into the world of AI/ML platform quality assurance - beyond just model quality. We’ll explore the real-world challenges of ensuring quality and reliability for the unique FULL STACK challenges of AI/ML platforms, and share best practices for testing and monitoring that you can start using right away. Whether you’re a seasoned ML expert...