François Chollet

François Chollet

François Chollet is the main creator of the Keras framework. Probably everyone already knows the Keras, but just for sure Keras is a leading deep learning framework for Python, with over 350,000 users and over 700 open-source contributors .Keras is an easy-to-use machine learning library that can be used for doing fast prototyping to building complex custom models for research and production.Keras has the goal to make deep learning accessible to everyone. Now let’s see how to integrate keras and tensorflow in a deeper level. It’s time to learn from it’s creator.François is Staff Software engineer at Google and a brilliant AI researcher whose main interest is understanding the nature of abstraction and developing algorithms capable of autonomous abstraction (i.e. general intelligence)  and democratizing the development and deployment of AI technology by making it easier to use and explaining it clearly.

Defining & measuring intelligence

Level: General

From developing task-specific AI skills to developing broad AI abilities